Lift off – 10 books launched!

Venture Press has launched! This week we’re bringing 10 new books to your Kindle from the likes of Stephen Deas, Simon Clark, Juanita Coulson, D. F. Jones and many more.

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LoneFireLoneFire by Stephen Deas

A gripping cyberpunk space thriller featuring Constantine, an industrious mercenary working for the dubious Company. Constantine and his crew face more than they’ve bargained for when their mission goes awry, and whisperings of a new system of Artificial Intelligence on the scene augur dangerously…

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ColossusColossus by D. F. Jones

This thrilling 1966 novel deals with the ongoing battle between man and machine, and is finally in ebook format. Charles Forbin’s supercomputer Colossus begins thinking and acting independently, with no regard for mankind. Can Forbin stop it before total annihilation?

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Jail for the DamnedJail for the Damned by T S Mercer

Jail for the Damned is a heart-stopping dystopian horror-thriller by T S Mercer published by Venture Press. It is an explosive newcomer to the New Adult genre, filled with action, twists and turns, and passionate throes.

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Bound in TimeBound in Time by D. F. Jones

Bound in Time is a classic time-travel novel, featuring Dr. Mark Elver, a curious explorer with little time left to live. Boldly going where (or when) no one has gone before, he agrees to be the first human guinea pig and jump more than 400 years into the future.

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The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet by Angus MacVicar

The Lost Planet by Angus MacVicar is an engaging science fiction adventure tale, filled with trials and tribulations, wonder and calamity, as Jeremy, McKinnon and company endeavour to make their voyage into the great unknown.

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Resized-VXQH6Unto the Last Generation by Juanita Coulson

Unto the Last Generation is a gripping technological sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future America, featuring a team of scientists who strive to find a solution to mankind’s world-ending infertility problem.

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Resized-T5G4EVampyrrhic by Simon Clark

Vampyrrhic is a chilling horror-thriller by bestselling author Simon Clark that brings the well-known terror of vampires to the hitherto unspoiled lands of Northern England.

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Resized-X4WNNVampyrrhic Rites by Simon Clark

Vampyrrhic Rites is the follow-up to Simon Clark’s ceaselessly terrifying novel Vampyrrhic. Vampires are once again threatening the tranquility of the North East English coast.

‘Simon Clark is not an author to let you down’ – SFX magazine

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IceIce by Stephen Bowkett

Ice is a mesmerising adventure of a mythical world locked in snow and ice. It is a troubling vision of a future that has succumbed to a new ice age where some dare to dream of a new beginning. Ice is the first part of The Wintering, a major trilogy, to be published by Venture Press.

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Imperial LightImperial Light by Mary Corran

Imperial Light is an intriguing and moving fantasy adventure. It follows Kyria on a race against time across sweltering deserts, from magical, god-touched temples to wondrous corrupt cities.

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