Author announcement – Stephen Deas

Venture Press is very proud to present Stephen Deas’ brand new novel LoneFire.



Deas was brought up in a quiet town populated by retired colonels, which most likely informed his passion for historical fiction. As a child living in a small town he dreamed up fantasy characters and worlds. Indeed, he never stopped, eventually publishing his Memory of Flames series in 2009. The now full-time author  studied theoretical physics at Cambridge, and went on to work as an electrical engineer at BAE Systems. In recent years he has released more fantasy, as well as historical fiction and science fiction under various pseudonyms. LoneFire is a departure from his usual Military Science Fiction, where he now delves into the dark and thrilling world of Cyberpunk. Deas now enjoys family life in South-East England with his wife and two children, writing as a full-time career and still attending fantasy conventions.


Visit Stephen’s website here!


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