The Ruhr: The History of the French Occupation of the Ruhr: its Meaning and Consequences

“[This pamphlet will] explain what the occupation of the Ruhr in the year 1923 has brought in suffering to the population, in collapse and despair to Germany, in material loss and moral isolation to France, and in general political confusion and economic stagnation to the whole of Europe.”

From 1923 to 1925 the French occupied the Ruhr.

After the First World War, Germany, renamed the Weimar Republic, was ordered to pay reparations.

When they failed to make these payments France occupied what had once been Germany’s economic powerhouse: The Ruhr.

Thousands were made homeless, protesters were shot, and everyday people were robbed on the streets by French soldiers.

Originally produced as a pamphlet by the British Bureau of Ruhr Information, The Ruhr is concise and fascinating.

An unflinching look at the occupation, The Ruhr is an important part of history, and a must-read. A contemporary account, The Ruhr is not only a valuable historical work, but also a fascinating insight into how Europe was viewed in this tumultuous time.

Joseph King (1860-1943) was a British politician. Beginning his career in the Liberal Party, Joseph transferred to Labour after the First World War. Joseph wrote a number of political works, particularly on Russia and Germany.

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