The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln

‘An intelligible account of the unfolding of his power and qualities in early manhood.’ The American Historical Review

Before Abraham Lincoln was even involved in politics he had been a farm hand, a boatman, a soldier, a post master and a land surveyor.

His life as a young man is fascinating and his character shines through each time.

Lincoln drew others to him with his fantastic stories and his principled earnestness.

This biography is full of fantastic insights into Lincoln’s life: looking not just at the plain facts but also into the character of Abraham Lincoln as a young man.

There are some fantastic quotes from the people who knew him as a boy, or who knew his parents.

The existence of Lincoln not as a figure but as a man shines through here and this biography is full of great anecdotes that show Lincoln from all sides.

The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln gets to the heart of a young Lincoln’s life and the origins of his reputation as “honest Abe.”

There’s the story of the boy who saved his life, and stories from people whose lives he saved, and other tales that all weave together.

Ida Tarbell worked tirelessly on this biography during her life, and The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln shows her dedication.

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