Boy Hero of the Air

“In all, Capt. Ball has destroyed forty-three German aeroplanes and one balloon, and has always displayed most exceptional courage, determination and skill.” – Victoria Cross Citation.

Captain Albert Ball was Britain’s first celebrity fighter pilot.

During the First World War Albert Ball soared to fame as a fighter pilot ace for his courage, daring and skill.

Ball was adored by the British and respected by the infamous German Red Baron.

When Ball ran out of ammunition he shot an enemy pilot out of the aircraft with his revolver.

Enemy planes would turn around when they spotted the bright red nose of his plane.

At just nineteen Albert Ball received the Victoria Cross, the Military Cross, the Distinguished Service Order, and the Russian Order of St. George.

Boy Hero of the Air is a school story, an adventure tale, and an air story all rolled into one. First published in 1921 for schoolboys, Boy Hero of the Air is an engaging biography including anecdotes from Ball’s childhood and from his fellow airmen.

Walter Alwyn Briscoe (1878-1934) wrote a number of biographies, including on Albert Ball VC and Lord Byron. He succeeded his father as Librarian for Nottingham in 1916.

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