Army Memoirs of Lucius W. Barber

“Duty pointed with unswerving finger toward our insulted banner. To follow its lead, I freely leave the comforts of home, the society of friends, and haste to the rescue of imperiled freedom.”

From 1861 to 1865 civil war raged through America.

The preservation of the American Union was under threat and long enshrined constitutional law was thrown into question.

All of the unknowns were overshadowed by the millions of lives at stake and the knowledge that the outcome of the hard-fought battle would change the shape of America forever.

Army Memoirs of Lucius W. Barber is a rare and gripping account of the struggles and triumphs that were a part of daily life in the 15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

During his four and a half years as a soldier, Barber fought at the battles of Shiloh and Vicksburg, and in skirmishes Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

Serving under General Sherman, Barber was captured by the Confederates and held as a prisoner of war in Andersonville.

As a personal memoir, Army Memoirs of Lucius W. Barber offers a valuable and intriguing insight into life on the front lines during the war.

Lucius W Barber (1839-1872) was born in Illinois. Seven years after he was discharged from the army, Barber died of consumptions allegedly contracted as a prisoner of war.

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